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ABDULAZIZ (1861-1876)

Educated and raised under his brother Abdulmecid I’s protection, Abdulaziz had the opportunity to observe the administration before his reign. When he was enthroned at the age of 31, he declared that he would support for the reformers –which was encouraged “The Young Ottoman Movement” among the intellectuals to equalise the Ottomans with the European nations by adopting western political institutions with a centralised government, a written constitution and elected parliament consisting of both Muslims and non-Muslims.

The Ottomans borrowed heavily from Britain and France during the Crimean War for the first time and had to contract new loans to pay the interest on older ones which caused a financial problem among the parts during the reign of Abdulaziz. In addition to Abdulaziz’s weakness that brought the Empire to the edge of bankruptcy, the uprisings in Balkans and the autonomy of Crete in 1867 accelerated the intellectual movement and Abdulaziz was dethroned by a legal opinion obtained by Mithat Pasha, the minister close to the aims of the Young Ottomans and Huseyin Avni Pasha in 1876. Murat IV hold the throne.

Abdulaziz killed himself on the 5th day of his dethronement. He was buried in the mausoleum of his father Mahmut II.

MURAT V (1876-93 days)

The first born prince of Abdulmecid I, Murat V was well educated and had the opportunity to observe Europe during the journeys with his uncle Abdulaziz as a youngster and was impressed by the stirrings of freedom and liberal reformers and was also the hope for the Young Ottomans.

Unfortunately, the mental instability of Murat V prevented him from governing the Empire and he was dethroned by a legal opinion of Seyhulislam and his brother, Abdulhamit II ascended the throne, promising the Young Ottomans the empire’s first Parliament to be opened.

Murat V was imprisoned with his family in the Ciragan Palace and died in 1904.

ABDULHAMIT II (1876-1909)

When Murat V was dethroned due to his mental condition, Abdulhamit II ascended the throne with the approval of Mithat Pasha, compromising a constitutional regime. The first constitution including religious liberty, freedom of expression was accepted in December 23, 1876.

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