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Ottoman Empire Wars

Conquest of Edirne

The Ottoman Army headed by Lala Sahin Pasha beaten Byzantine Bulgarians at Sazlidere in 1363 and captured Edirne. After this conquest the Byzantine's connection with Serbians and Bulgarians ended; Gumulcine and Filibe were added to the Ottoman's border. Edirne was made the new Ottoman capital.

Sirpsindigi Battle :

The quick enlargement of Turks in Europe, created a crusade consisting of Serbians, Hungarians, Bulgarians and Bosnians against the Ottomans.They attacked to Edirne. But the sudden night raid of the Ottoman army headed by Lala Sahin Pasha and Haci Ilbey made a very tragic rout to the crusaders.( 1364) Sirpsindigi Battle is important as its being the first Ottoman vs. Crusader battle.

After the Sirpsindigi Battle Bulgarians accepted the Ottomans and paid indemnity. Turks continued their progress in Balkans and finished the whole conquest of Thrace until 1367.

In 1371, Murat I attacked Macedonia. The Serbians reacted. The Ottoman Army defeated the Serbian Army and the Serbian King Lazar accepted to pay taxes and accepted the Ottomans (Cirmen Battle)

Kosovo Battle I

While Murat I was struggling with Karamanids in Anatolia, the countries in Balkans united against the Ottomans. The big battle took place at Kosovo field and resulted in an Ottoman victory which made Turks' settlement in Rumelia and the enlargement in Balkan countries.

Murat I died just after the Kosovo Battle, while walking in battle place by a Serbian and was buried in Bursa, at a mausoleum in Cekirge.

He is known as "Hudavendigar" as his being martyr on the battle field

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