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MEHMET I (1413-1421)

Between the years of 1410-13 Mehmet I successfully defeated his brother Musa Celebi in the struggle for the throne and the " Fetret" ended. He tried to reunite Anatolia and controlled some Anatolian principalities again.

Seyh Bedrettin's revolt in Anatolia was controlled and Seyh was executed in 1420. After Seyh Bedrettin's revolt Mustafa Celebi came to Anatolia and struggled with Mehmet I for the throne. Mustafa Celebi requested Byzantine Emperor Manuel's help and revolved against Mehmet I at Thessaloniki with Candarid (Candaroglu) Cuneyt. Mehmet I defeated them. Mustafa Celebi and Cuneyt took shelter in Emperor Manuel. Manuel did not release them and the agreed to prison them if Mehmet I gives yearly tax.

Known as the second founder of the Ottomans Mehmet I died in 1421.

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