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Sultan Mehmet 3

MEHMET III (1595 -1603)

The wars with the Austrians were continuing while Mehmet III ascended the throne. With the captures of the castles of Estragon and Visegrad by the Habsburgs, Mehmet III was forced to campaign through Belgrade by Janissaries and the governors. He took the fortress of Egri in 1596 which was the cause of the Hacova Battle.

Hacova Battle (1596)

The battle was between the ottomans and the Holy League under the Austrians, ended with the Ottoman’s victory.

After the battle the vizier Sinan Pasha made an inspection for designating the fugitives and seized their properties which was considered as the beginning of the “Celali” revolts in Anatolia.

The Defence of Kanije (1601)

After the capture of Yanikkale and Estragon castles by the Austrians, the Ottoman forces took the important castle, Kanije in 1600 and Tiryaki Hasan Pasha positioned as the commander of the castle.

The castle was besieged by the Holy League in 1601 but was unsuccessful with the courageous defence of Tiryaki Hasan Pasha, who was then honoured with the title of grand-vizier.

Persian Wars

Persian Shah Abbas I wanted to be advantageous from the chaotic situation of the Ottomans struggling with Celali revolts and the wars with Austria in order to recapture the cities lost by the treaty of Ferhat Pasha. Persians captured the cities of Tabriz and Revan (Erivan).

Mehmet III died in 1603 while the Austrian and Persian wars were continuing.

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