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Sultan Osman 2

OSMAN II (1618-1622)

Raised and educated inside the palace with the palace women, Osman II was brought out as sultan at the age of fourteen, when his uncle Mustafa was re-imprisoned. Osman II had to deal with the wars between Iran and Poland during his reign.

Ottoman-Iran Wars

Under the command of the vizier Halil Pasha the Ottoman forces campaigned to Iran in 1617. During the campaign the ottoman’s supporting forces of the Khan of Crimea were defeated by the Iranians in the field of Serav, which was followed by the Ottoman’s attack under the command of Vizier Halil Pasha through Erdebil where Shah Abbas was located. Iranian Shah requested a treaty.

According to the Treaty of Serav (1618); the conditions of the Treaty of Nasuh Pasa would continue. The two-hundred camel load of silk that Iran was supposed to pay would be reduced to half.

Ottoman-Poland War

In 1621 the Ottomans conducted a campaign to Poland that supported the Ukrainian Kazaks attacking the Ottoman territories. Osman II, himself joined the campaign. The fortress of Hotin was besieged but was not taken. As the winter season was coming, Ottomans accepted the treaty request.

According to the Treaty of Hotin (1621)

Both parties would not attack each other

The fortress of Hotin was ceded to Bogdan under Ottoman’s authority.

Poland continued to pay 40.000 ducats of gold to the Khan of Crimea.

Although young and lacking experience Osman II tried to revolutionize the Ottoman and prevent the unproductive period and the decline of he empire. He though that the core of the corruption was the Janissary Corps, and could be solved by replacing the governors of the palace and the army of Janissaries with the Turks. He also planned to move the capital to Anatolia.

With the rumours of the intentions of the closing of the Janissary army, Janissaries revolted and murdered Osman II in 1622, first time in Ottoman history

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