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The Treaty Of Tilsit

Seizure of Egypt (1798)

France, under the command of Napoleon Bonaparte aimed to gain a position of influence in the Middle East and to control Britain’s communication with India by capturing the Ottoman’s Egypt. The seizure in 1798 met with a reaction from both Russia and Britain. The British navy destroyed French naval forces at the harbour of Abukir (Ebukir) close to Alexandria. The French army then marched through Syria in order to put pressure on the Ottomans for a peace request but met with an unexpectedly successful response from the revised Ottoman army “Nizam-i Cedid” under the command of Cezzar Ahmet Pasha. The treaty of Paris” was signed in 1802 after the defeat of France. The Ottomans recovered Egypt according to the treaty.

The Treaty of Tilsit (1807)

Napoleon signed the Treaty of Tilsit in 1807 with Russia in order to prevent the alliance between Britain & Russia and prepare the ground for the eventual participation of the Ottoman Empire and giving military support to Russia for capturing Romania (Eflak & Bogdan).

Kabakci Mustafa Event (1807)

The reformer Selim III met reactions by the Janissaries after instituting the new model military army, Nizam-i Cedid. The large taxes and military losses increased the rebellion. Janissary corps under the command of Kabakci Mustafa closed Nizam-I Cedid and its supporters were punished. Mustafa IV was enthroned by Janissaries.

The Treaty of Kale-i Sultaniye (1809)

The treaty agreed to by Britain and the Ottomans against French/Russian alliance with the treaty of Tilsit. According to the treaty both parties accepted to develop political and commercial relations. Britain aimed to prevent either Russia or French ascendancy which might be a threat to Britain’s communication with the eastern markets.

MUSTAFA IV (1807 -1808)

After the enthronement, Mustafa IV signed an agreement with the janissaries, accepting the immunity of the rebels.

The ineffective administration of the empire led Alemdar Mustafa Pasha, the Governor of Ruscuk, to react against the palace. First, Kabakci Mustafa was murdered. When the palace was surrounded by Pasha’s forces around 15.000 and requested Slim III’s enthronement, Mustafa IV murdered Selim III immediately but could not prevent Shehzade Mahmut’s escape from the palace.

Pasha’s soldiers entered the palace and Mustafa IV was dethroned in 1808. Mahmut II ascended the throne and murdered Mustafa IV.

MAHMUT II (1808 – 1839)

With his reformist perspective, Mahmut II aimed to continue the developments started by his uncle Selim III.

Mahmut II made an agreement namely “Sened-i Ittifak (Proof of Concord) with the notables of the provinces in 1808. According to the agreement; the notables agreed to support the empire and help to collect soldiers and taxes. In case of any janissary revolt , the notables had to move with the empire. The Ottomans’ authority over the provinces was re-established with the agreement.

As the continuation of the “Nizam-i Cedid”, Mahmut II made a new army namely “Sekban-i Cedid” with new military techniques. The new army caused a new janissary revolt and resulted with the murder of Alemdar Mustafa Pasha and the end of “Sekban-i Cedid” in 1808 consequently.

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